About us

We are a group of professionals concerned with the mental health of paediatric patients.

Vision statement:

‘For children and young people to grow up healthy in mind and body’

BPMHG Mission statements:

‘Our mission is to champion the integration of physical and emotional well being of children and young people through influencing Paediatric practice, policy development, and Education and Training.’

Strategic Aims

a) To ensure that all Paediatricians receive training in Paediatric Mental Health

b) To ensure that the RCPCH has a unified mental health strategy

c) To increase our capacity by inspiring active participation and increased membership

d) To foster effective collaboration with key partners and stakeholders

e) To ensure that all relevant government policy reflects the integration of physical and emotional well being of children

Key elements of work to achieve these aims


Who is on the PMHA committee?



2 thoughts on “About us

  1. As a medical professional website, there is a disturbing number of intrusive advertisements on the website. Please, the monetisation of this website reduces the professional credibility of the PMHA. Please either highlight concerns to the web administrator of inappropriate advertisement content and frequency to the point of getting in the way of actually scrolling down to read the website content, or perhaps change internet server. I came to seek more information about PMHA conference but so disturbed by the intrusive advertisements to the point of not wanting to revisit this website.

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