Join the PMHA

We are very keen to grow our membership. We think that the more professionals are aware of and skilled in the mental health of children and young people, the better!

Membership costs £25 per year

This money is used for administration, web server charges, and a small amount of committee expenses.

Benefits of membership:

  1. Regular updates from our website via the PMHA newsletter
  2. Discounts on attendance at PMHA-organised educational events
  3. Access to a network of clinicians with similar interests
  4. You support our national work for children with mental health problems!

To join, please click on the button below to set up a direct debit with the payment management site:

Click here to agree to receive the monthly
PMHA Members’ Email Newsletter  

3 thoughts on “Join the PMHA

  1. Thanks for organising the How To Manage study day. Would you mind terribly sending me an email regarding joining the PMHA? Thanks!

    1. carolinedecat

      Hi Sean, We are currently working on a link to join the PMHA. I will let you know when we have it up and running.

    2. nolczak

      Hi Sean. We’ve just updated the ‘Join the PMHA’ page above with a button so that you can join via GoCardless. Please try to use that and post a comment below if you have any problems. Thanks!

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