Paediatric mental health study day, 11th July, Burton

We are delighted to annouce the West Midlands PMHA study day, to be held on 11th July in Burton-upon-Trent.

The programme, found here Paediatric_Mental_health_study_day_11_July_2014_2020414 includes talks on the following

  • Neuropsychiatric conditions in childhood (OCD, PANDAS, etc)
  •  Eating Disorders: Physical Manifestation and MARSIPAN Guidelines
  • Bereavement: how it affects children, and its significance
  •  Medically Unexplained Symptoms
  • MindED and its application to Paediatric practice and training
  • Attachment issues in Paediatric Practice
  •  Adherence in Paediatrics
  • And workshops on  Self Harm Workshop and Managing Challenging Behaviour

Contact if interested