RCPCH Conference 2023 – Child Health in a Changing World

The 2023 RCPCH Conference has kicked off in Glasgow today, with the theme “Child Health in a Changing World”. We are particularly pleased that the College has chosen “compassionate leadership and mental health” as its theme for Day 2 (24th May). There will all sorts of useful mental health sessions throughout the day, including workshops on mental health education for paediatricians (run by members of our own executive committee!) and simulation training for management of mental health emergencies; a lunchtime networking meeting for mental health leads; the Illingworth-Rees Memorial Lecture by Professor Helen Minnis on Abuse, Neglect and Neurodevelopment Across the Life course; and, of course, an afternoon specialty group session run by the PMHA.

Have a look at the conference website for full details of the programme. We look forward to seeing lots of you there!

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