The Department of health are running a consultation on the CYP mental health green paper. Not that you’d know it.

The green paper published in December on children and young people’s mental health was not without merit.
Broadly, there were three headlines.
• Schools to be encouraged to have a mental health lead
• A schools based mental health teamto be trialled
• 4 week waits for mental health treatment
These all sounds great, but as always the devil is on the detail.
A mental health lead for schools would be useful potentially, although most already have one, and the green paper has no specifics on training and support, specificallyfor the increasing role of schools as commissioners of services.
The school based team may be able to pick up some straightforward cases, but without integration into a local system incorporating CAMHS, paediatrics, primary care and the charitable sector, they will mainly have an impact on young people with mild, self limiting difficulties.
4 week wait for mental health treatment… Well. Either they have a massive windfall up their sleeves, or this will be fudged with a combination of narrow criteria and counting initial triage meetings as treatment. I leave it to you to predict which is likely…
So the danger is that instead of the system transformation required, well get a symbolic wave at the problem, confining itself to the ‘low hanging fruit’ so that success can be claimed in time for the next election.
Whatcan you do to prevent this? I’m glad you asked.
Go to the consultation If you don’t have time to do all the questions just take the opportunity to point out the total omission of paediatric services from the document (!).
Check out the draft RCPCH document outlining the sort of local offer that should be provided to CYP locally.
Watch this space.

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