Sluggish Cognitive Tempo: the next big thing in diagnosis?

This blog :// is very good, and recommended.
Briefly, sluggish cognitive tempo is a terribly-named new conception of children who have poor concentration, not due to the ‘fizziness’ of the ADHD brain, but due to slow processing in the absence of other learning disabilities. The slate article rejects SCT partly on the basis that it’s just an exaggeration of normality, but PMHA members will know that this argument could apply to whole swathes of the diagnostic textbook, from ADHD to hypertension.
So should we be looking at diagnosing this condition in our clinics? At present, it’s very hard to be clear, as the evidence base is tiny for usefulness of this concept, and it is likely to be mainly treated with educational intervention.
But we would be interested in your thoughts…

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