New project for psych/paed joint training in London

Dear all,

As a paediatric trainee do you find it challenging to deal with medically unexplained symptoms, to manage the behavioural aspect of paediatrics or to form working relationships with CAMHS?

As a CAMHS trainee do you find the medical aspects of paediatrics challenging, do you want to develop a better relationship with your paediatric colleagues?

This is an invitation to all trainees from paediatrics and psychiatry and all Consultants across CAMHS, Community Paediatrics and General Paediatircs to attend a launch evening for an exciting collaboration between paediatrics and psychiatry.

The plan is to match a paediatric trainee with a CAMHS trainee for a variety of shared learning opportunities, including visiting each other’s clinics.

The project aims to:

Facilitate achieving mental health and paediatric competencies, respectively.
Encourage paediatric-CAMHS liaison.
Provide a greater understanding of what our colleagues do and how they manage cases.

We strongly encourage trainees who are interested in the scheme to bring along a champion Consultant in their organisation who will be keen to support this venture.

Details of the launch:

Monday 14th March
6-8pm, Stewart House
Drinks and nibbles provided!

We hope to gather a cohort of enthusiastic trainees to launch this exciting project – ideally paediatric registrars in level 2/3 training who are currently in a community placement and psychiatry registrars, undertaking their higher level CAMHS training. However for this pilot our aim is to match enthusiastic trainees, so if you are in general paediatrics you are definitely welcome to be involved.

The launch and being involved in the programme is totally free but places for the launch will be allocated on a first come first served basis so please confirm your attendance promptly to the following email address:

If you can’t attend but are still interested in being involved in the matching scheme please email with your name, role, stage of training and email address to the above address.

We’re really excited about this venture – please come and be a part of it.

Best wishes,

Jo Cryer and Rory Conn

On behalf of The Paediatric-Psychiatry Collaboration Working Group

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