Virtual hospice with Bettina Harms and Becky Hepworth

Isle of Wight team.
No physical hospice available on the island. Often isolated from the mainland. Ferry required, which is expensive, and not always available.
People want to be with families, not remote.
Aim was to provide the care of a hospice without the building.

Brings existing services together with additional resources

Without the service respite access was poor.
Lack of counselling support after death
Lack of clear choice of place of death

Feeling of all services serving own population important driver for brining them together. Passion of local people invested in their own populations.  Pilot by existing hospice not successful as too far, so local services joined forces.

Commitment to home care. Training from mainstream hospice. Additional resources for children’s community nursing including respite. Support from adult services, third sector.

Physical room found in adult hospice, as a fall back, and actually used for after death care, requiring considerable negotiation and training, but now improving confidence.

Family voices important, guiding principle of service.

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