Child trafficking and exploitation: Laura Franklin talk

Portsmouth currently biggest port for trafficking into UK. Needs coordinated national response.

Human trafficking has several elements
Movement, control, purpose.

Last year 1746 cases referred to national agency.
Sexual exploitation most prevalent form
22% of total are children, 40% sexually exploited

60% of children go missing after care. Only one centre for trafficked children exists. Placement depends on individual needs.

Estimate 10000 victims in the UK

Some examples: Vietnamese children in cannabis plantations
Arrested and treated as criminals not victims

Trafficking may be external (cross border) or internal

Sexual exploitation a common purpose

Not an immigration issue, an organised crime issue.

Parents cannot consent to trafficking or exploitation

Different to people smuggling

Multiple forms of exploitation. Forced labor, sexual, domestic service
Multiple means of control including use of drugs, deception, debt bondage, removal of documents

Very hard to detect.

Modern slavery helpline open to all: 08000121700

Modern Slavery is closer than you think:

Indicators: any sign of abuse
Rarely leaving house
Lots of chores
A&e attendance with workplace injuries
Unusually long hours
No identity documents
STI, prevented from being seen alone
Poor accommodation
Prepared story of origin

Multi agency response required. Need for reception centres, mental health input.

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