CPD Conference: Transforming Mental Health Services for Children & Young Adults

With opening addresses from Sarah Brennan, Chief Executive, YoungMinds, and Prof Swaran Singh, Chair of the Transition from Children’s to Adult Services Guideline Committee, NICE, this National CAHMS Summit focuses on improving child and adolescent mental health services in line with The Five Year Forward View for Mental Health set out by the government in 2016 with the aim of creating a transformed service by 2020. Through national updates and case studies from current pilot sites this conference aims to set the scene for progress already being made and what needs to change to achieve The Five Year Forward View. The government has pledged £1.25billion by 2020 to support improvements in children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

For further information and to book visit http://www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk/transforming-mental-health-for-children-and-young-adults or email jayne@hc-uk.org.uk.

A 20% discount is available with code hcuk20pmha.

Mental health training for community paediatricians: survey and proposal

Questionnaire Survey of BACCH Members to Ascertain Perceived Training Needs in Child Mental Health

Rachel Atkinson, Max Davie


The work of Community Paediatricians has a large and increasing behavioural/ mental health component, involving both joint work and liaison with CAMHS, and work within community health services, education and social care aimed at promoting and safeguarding the emotional and mental well-being of children and young people. As a result, Community Paediatricians frequently voice a need for greater understanding of children’s mental health. Informally, this has been found to include requirements for better understanding of the relationship between emotional and developmental processes, ways of working with families around behaviour, as well as specific therapeutic methods and ways of working in specialist CAMHS.

The aim of this survey was to develop this informal understanding into a more rigorous analysis of the training needs of Community Paediatricians in this area, with a view to developing training materials and courses, jointly between BACCH and BPMHG.

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Neurodevelopmental disorders- what to look out for

By max Davie: PMHA convenor

This is a version of the talk I gave last week to the Primary care and pubic health conference at the NEC Birmingham. The main purpose of this post is to reinforce some of the messages in that talk to delegates, and help with signposting to other resources. It may also be of interest to other professionals curious about these conditions.

Professionals and parents are increasingly aware that children are being diagnosed with developmental disorders, but it’s not always clear what these are, or how to spot them. My aim is to help with this.

The term neurodevelopmental disorders is often confusingly defined. For me this is a group of inter-related patterns of abnormal neurodevelopment, which show themselves in characteristic patterns of behaviour, and lead to functional impairment in the child. Put another way, these are just patterns of dysfunction that more or less cluster around certain diagnostic terms.

This piece is not about the causative pathways that lead to these conditions, nor about the anatomical, physiological or genetic correlates, but about spotting and differentiating these patterns, in order to inform intervention.

I’ll try to cover ASD, ADHD, DCD, and a few other topics. Basically, when I run out of energy, I’ll stop.

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Paediatric mental health study day, 11th July, Burton

We are delighted to annouce the West Midlands PMHA study day, to be held on 11th July in Burton-upon-Trent.

The programme, found here Paediatric_Mental_health_study_day_11_July_2014_2020414 includes talks on the following

  • Neuropsychiatric conditions in childhood (OCD, PANDAS, etc)
  •  Eating Disorders: Physical Manifestation and MARSIPAN Guidelines
  • Bereavement: how it affects children, and its significance
  •  Medically Unexplained Symptoms
  • MindED and its application to Paediatric practice and training
  • Attachment issues in Paediatric Practice
  •  Adherence in Paediatrics
  • And workshops on  Self Harm Workshop and Managing Challenging Behaviour

Contact Hannah.mshelbwala@nhs.net if interested