The Department of health are running a consultation on the CYP mental health green paper. Not that you’d know it.

The green paper published in December on children and young people’s mental health was not without merit.
Broadly, there were three headlines.
• Schools to be encouraged to have a mental health lead
• A schools based mental health teamto be trialled
• 4 week waits for mental health treatment
These all sounds great, but as always the devil is on the detail.
A mental health lead for schools would be useful potentially, although most already have one, and the green paper has no specifics on training and support, specificallyfor the increasing role of schools as commissioners of services.
The school based team may be able to pick up some straightforward cases, but without integration into a local system incorporating CAMHS, paediatrics, primary care and the charitable sector, they will mainly have an impact on young people with mild, self limiting difficulties.
4 week wait for mental health treatment… Well. Either they have a massive windfall up their sleeves, or this will be fudged with a combination of narrow criteria and counting initial triage meetings as treatment. I leave it to you to predict which is likely…
So the danger is that instead of the system transformation required, well get a symbolic wave at the problem, confining itself to the ‘low hanging fruit’ so that success can be claimed in time for the next election.
Whatcan you do to prevent this? I’m glad you asked.
Go to the consultation If you don’t have time to do all the questions just take the opportunity to point out the total omission of paediatric services from the document (!).
Check out the draft RCPCH document outlining the sort of local offer that should be provided to CYP locally.
Watch this space.

Managing Mental Health in Paediatric Acute Care Conference: Wednesday 21st March 2018, Leeds

This really does look like a very good conference (disclaimer, I’m talking at it).

Mental health in paediatric acute care is finally getting some attention and this should tell you pretty much the state of the art.

More details here:

Free CAMH topic guides from ACAMH

A bit of cross-promotion. ACAMH are really rejuvenated in the last couple of years, and have some EXCELLENT topic guides here.

Thinking together- joint paeds/psych training

We would like to invite you to come and hear about Thinking Together, an exciting scheme linking Paediatric and CAMHS trainees. Following an initial successful pilot in London, we are extending the scheme to four centres across the UK, launching September 2017.
The scheme is designed to:
Improve mental health in children and young people.
Improve collaboration and closer working between paediatrics and CAMHS.
Help achieve curriculum competencies that are otherwise difficult to achieve in both specialties.
Improve understanding of referral criteria and navigation of local services available.
London launch evening to be held on..,
Tuesday 25th July
6.30 – 8pm
Stewart House, Russell Square
Refreshments provided
Please reserve your place or to express your interest in the scheme by emailing the team at:

Training for paediatricians for mental health crisis care: Claire Miller guest post

I often wonder about how much time paediatric trainees spend on learning and rehearsing the steps of all the various APLS algorithms. Indeed,  we are encouraged to do so as the curriculum and assessment process that we go through during our training has a strong focus on physical health. We are then further armed for the frontline with various medical calculator applications on our phones that can ease us through calculations in difficult moments. What can we have in our minds and pockets to help us when children and young people present to a/e with unmet mental health needs? Maybe the attached handouts on mental state examination and risk assessment would be a start. They are assimilated from information contained in a fabulous free resource called MindEd. Have a look and see if it helps….

Mental state examination

MindEd E learning references


ACAMH events in June on Autistic Spectrum

The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH) presents

2 Events on Autism Spectrum Conditions –

Monday 5 June

Tuesday 6 – Wednesday 7 June 2017

ORT House

126 Albert Street, Camden, London, NW1 7NE

The first, 1-day intro-class, will look at the introduction to Autism Spectrum Conditions:

The day is aimed at clinicians who are seeking a good grounding in the understanding and identification of Autism Spectrum Conditions.

The second, 2-day skills updating conference, will look to; develop your knowledge and confidence in working with children and young people with ASC, and their families, after diagnosis.


Speaker’s line-up

Dr Jenny Milne is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist she has worked in the NHS with young people and their families with ASC for over 15 years. She now works independently with a number of private and non-profit organisations in the assessment and management of social interaction difficulties.  Dr Milne also works with NHS Trusts on waiting list initiatives to help reduce waiting times for ASC assessments. A ADOS-2 Trainer she is also trained/experienced in a variety of intervention tools and parent and child programmes (for example EarlyBird Plus, Cygnet and Secret Agent Society).


Anna Wilkinson is a Speech and Language Therapist specialising in Autism Spectrum Conditions. She has worked within the NHS and non-profit organisations for the last 13 years to support children and young people with ASC (alongside their families and the care team involved) within a variety of education and community settings. Anna is passionate in supporting clinicians within mental health services to expand their knowledge and confidence in devising creative, flexible ways of working with CYP with ASC to promote service engagement and positive outcomes. She is experienced in ‘autism friendly’ intervention approaches (such as Carol Gray’s Social Stories and Comic Strip Conversations, TEACCH, PECS, Intensive Interaction, SCERTS, Talking Mats and EarlyBird Plus and Cygnet) and adheres to the National Autistic Society’s ‘SPELL’ framework in her practice.



Introduction to Autism Spectrum Conditions – Book online (credit or debit card payment only)

ACAMH member: £100 / £90 if also attending autism event 6-7 June

Non-ACAMH member: £125 / £112.50 if also attending autism event 6-7 June


2-Day Skills Updating Conference on Autism Spectrum Conditions – Book online (credit or debit card payment only)
ACAMH member: £200 / £180 if also attending autism event 5 June

Non-ACAMH member: £250 / £225 if also attending autism event 5 June
Print out and post or fax back the attached PDF booking forms to 020 7403 7081Autism_2017_6Jun_TBC_v4introToAutism_2017_5Jun_TBC_v3


If you’d prefer to book over the phone with your credit card please call  tel: 020 7403 7458




ACAMH conferences present a fantastic opportunity to network with your peers at the start of the day or during coffee and lunch breaks.




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  • ACAMH raises standards in the understanding and management of child mental health issues. It publishes the JCPP, an internationally acclaimed and world-leading child & adolescent psychology and psychiatry journal, that brings together empirical research, clinical studies and reviews in order to advance how we understand and approach child and adolescent mental health.
  • ACAMH also publishes the CAMH journal, a high quality, peer-review of child and adolescent mental health services research, which has articles for practitioners describing evidence-based clinical methods and clinically orientated research.
  • ACAMH supports the professional development of all those working to support the mental health of children and young people, by running a variety of conferences, training events, special interest groups and masterclasses throughout the year on topical issues, as well as providing access to a library of engaging on-line CPD topics delivered by national experts.
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