do we need specific inteventions for attachment problems? We still don’t know

Parenting interventions for children with severe attachment problems

This is a good, thoughtful blog about attachment problems, but it’s unclear what work the category of ‘attachment problems’ is doing here, as parenting seems to have the same impact on this group as on other children.

As the review asks: do we need to develop interventions that specifically address attachment problems, or are the established interventions enough?

New RCPCH officer for mental health: suggestions please!

I’m really pleased to have been appointed as the RCPCH officer for mental health (the precise job title is different, but that’s basically it).
I have lots of ideas about what I’d like to do, but really see the role as representing a constituency of interested paediatricians and other professionals. So this is an appeal to let me know what the priorities ought to be.
What should we change about paediatric training and practice?
What should we be asking from the rest of the mental health world?
What would make your interaction with the mental health aspects of your job easier, or at least more productive?

Let me know by email to or in the comments below.